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SeinText is the bottom of the prank barrel

SeinText is the bottom of the prank barrel

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Wouldn't it be funny if you could bombard your friends with out-of-context lines of dialogue from the hit '90s TV show Seinfeld? You know, that one that is woefully dated and — like many other sitcoms from that era — is pretty problematic in hindsight? Well now you can!

SeinText is kind of like a chat bot that will, for varying amounts of money, text Seinfeld quotes to any phone number of your choosing over the course of three, five, seven, or even 24 hours. It was created by the same guys that made "KanyeText" earlier this year, and it's like sliding into someone's DMs, except somehow more pointless and obtrusive. SeinText is far from the first service to do this — there's a plethora of similar web and phone apps, all of which make the days of prank calling with *67 seem so innocent.

There is something about this project that I like. These strange home-brewed ideas are often created by developers who are honing their craft, or just looking to take their minds off a bigger project for a few hours (and maybe make a few bucks in a meantime). Sometimes the seeds of these ideas can even turn into ultimately useful products! The former was apparently the case with both SeinText and KanyeText, so here's hoping the latter follows suit.