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This portable microwave is perfect for adventures

This portable microwave is perfect for adventures

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Oh, the microwave. The preferred gadget of college kids in need of a quick dinner and New Yorkers who only eat takeout but need to heat up their leftovers. The box has typically been stationed in kitchens and dorms rooms, but now, a company is freeing the microwave and letting it travel the world. Wayv's Adventurer is a portable microwave that the company imagines will be used by militaries and humanitarian groups during emergencies.

It's small — approximately the length of a ruler and 5-inches wide — and weighs less than 3 pounds. So basically you can stuff it in a backpack without worrying too much about space. Its batteries last up to 30 minutes, or up to six warm meals or drinks. What's really cool to me is that even though you can recharge the batteries with a power outlet, the Adventurer also works with solar panels. So nature.

Unfortunately I can't find a video of food inside the microwave, which is pretty much all I want to see. All I got is this video showing off its specs. Who's gonna be the first person to become a true portable microwave chef?