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3D print a gummy version of your face and eat it

3D print a gummy version of your face and eat it

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Magic Candy Factory

Sometimes you don't know what you need until you have it. Like how people lived without cell phones, or laptops, or any technology, really. That's how I feel about the 3D gummy printer that's now stationed in Dylan's Candy Bar locations around the US. There's really not much to the printing. You can pick an image or draw your own idea for a gummy, get it made, revel in its glory, and then eat it in celebration of the great technological feat. There are eight different flavors and all designs cost approximately $20. I don't know about you, but I'm HYPED on this. I'm going to print the faces of all my friends and acquaintances and eat them. Seriously.

Check out some creations below:

Honestly, this next one is a little busted, but hey, it's 3D printing. Give the gummies a break, they're trying!

This last one makes me inexplicably happy. Maybe because it's tie-dye and this machine is so 2016?