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Circuit Breaker

A few moving LEDs can trick your brain into seeing a person walking

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New artwork from art studio Random International experiments with the amount of information our brains need in order to visualize an animated image. The work, "Study for Fifteen Points," consists of robotic arms, each with an LED light, that move in formation. From one angle, the piece looks literally just like that — moving robotic arms — but when looked at from the side, an image of a walking human appears. "Instinctually, the brain is able to stitch the disparate points together and recognise them as one human form," Random International says.

Random International

This slightly reminds me of Brookstone electronics that business executives kept on their desks in the nineties. Maybe Study for Fifteen Points is the excuse I needed to revisit office relics of eras past. Here we go!

Newton's cradle. The classic.

A waving cat. Mesmerizing, magical, and cute.

This could still entertain me?

Ah, fits right in.

Random International