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Lenovo filed a trademark for 'Moto Z,' so that seems to be a thing

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A week ago we heard a rumor that Lenovo is about to announce a Moto X follow-up by the name of Moto Z, skipping the oft-neglected letter "Y" in its quest for renewed relevance in the world of Android. Now we have a US trademark filing for "Moto Z" to back that rumor up.

HelloMotoHK has also posted a supposed leaked invite for Lenovo's upcoming Tech World conference on June 9th, which apparently shows a stylized version of the phone. They even list names for the Z's rumored MotoMods:

  • Pro camera Mod
  • Adventure Mod
  • Theater Mod
  • Stereo Mod
  • Power Mod
  • Style Mod

About all we're missing on this phone now is... the phone itself. It's also still unclear if Lenovo's Razr teaser last week has anything to do with the Z, or if that's referring to something completely different. We don't exactly remember attaching a pico projector MotoMod to our Razr back in the mid-aughts, but that doesn't mean it never happened.