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Adonit improved its best stylus and made it even cheaper

Adonit improved its best stylus and made it even cheaper

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Adonit is doing away with its top-of-the-line stylus and replacing it with a slightly better model that'll sell at a lower price. The new stylus is called the Pixel, and its introduction is definitely a win for anyone interested in buying an iPad stylus.

The new stylus is almost identical to Adonit's previous high-end model, called the Jot Touch: it has a 1.9mm tip; 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity; two shortcut buttons; and connects to iPads over Bluetooth. While the Jot Touch sold for $99.99, the Pixel will sell for $79.99. The only noticeable difference is that the Pixel comes in different colors.

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But Adonit says there are some internal differences at play that make the Pixel better than the Jot Touch. It's supposed to have improved the stylus' "precision, offset correction, pressure sensitivity, and palm rejection." Its tip design is supposed to be slightly changed to adjust traction on the iPad's glass screen, too. The changes are supposed to make this stylus better at both writing and note taking than any of Adonit's previous models. (As such, it'll be discontinuing the drawing-focused Jot Touch and writing-focused Jot Script.)

No iPad stylus is perfect, since iPads aren't designed to work with third-party styluses (and most of them aren't designed to work with styluses period). But I found Adonit's Jot Touch to be the best-connected stylus you could buy when I tried out basically every iPad stylus there is last year. If it really does improve upon the Jot Touch, the Pixel ought to be an excellent choice for anyone in the market for a serious iPad stylus.