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The Keurig of weed vaporizers is launching next year

The Keurig of weed vaporizers is launching next year

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Look at the chill mom above. Look how reassuringly affluent she is and how many shades of cream there are in her house. But what's this strange object on the table, next to the dying house plant and abandoned christmas tree decoration? Why, it's the Keurig of Weed Vaporizers, bringing peace of mind to wealthy suburbanites one single-use pod at a time.

expected to launch early next year

It doesn't yet exist as a product you can buy, but its creators, CannaKorp, are confident they've got a hit on their hands. Last month, the company completed a seed funding round of $1.58 million, and say they're now finessing their unnamed prototype for a launch early next year. The company's co-founders, Michael Bourque and actual ex-Keurig exec Dave Manly, spoke to The Boston Globe this weekend:

The company's sleek, white-plastic vaporizer heats marijuana just enough to release the active compounds while stopping short of actually burning the plant. Users breathe in the vapors released through a canister, and the marijuana comes in small, single-use "pods" that are independently filled by legally authorized growers.


CannaKorp is officially focused on the medical marijuana market. But executives acknowledge that legal recreational use has potential to expand their customer base. "We’re a company that’s medically oriented," Bourque said. "However, we know that the recreational market is going to go crazy over this, and we like that."

And why not? Everyone already knows why to hate Keurigification of consumer goods (the results are often expensive, wasteful, and lock customers into a single supplier), but that doesn't seem to have stopped investors and VCs putting money into these companies. We've seen the Keurig of craft beers, the Keurig of tortillas, and even the Keurig of juicers. The Keurig of bong rips seems like a logical next step.

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