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Kanex's USB-C portable battery charger is now available

Kanex's USB-C portable battery charger is now available


But Anker is selling a more powerful version for half the price

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Kanex has released a new USB-C portable battery charger that seems like a good deal on the surface. It claims it can deliver a full charge to your MacBook with its 15,000 mAh battery, comes with safety features like built-in circuit protection to keep your devices from overcharging, and comes with two extra USB-C cables, all for $99.95.

Seems nice, right? Right up until you realize Anker — the company that makes the lightning cable you bought from Amazon when you lost yours that works remarkably well — is selling a more-powerful version of the same product for $49.99 on Amazon. With a 20,100 mAh battery, the same charging outputs, and a history of selling pretty great cables and portable batteries, Anker's option is the easy choice. Not to mention it's half the price.