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SteelSeries ships Rival 700 gaming mouse just in time for Overwatch

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I'm sorry to interrupt your Overwatch play, but I have a very important mouse to tell you about that maybe will make you better at Overwatch. The new SteelSeries Rival 700 is a fancy gaming mouse for playing video games. Games like Overwatch, maybe. Look it's not like there's some sort of branded tie-in here, I've just been thinking about Overwatch a lot today. Okay? Don't get confused. This is not an Overwatch mouse. It's just a mouse.

Actually it's not "just a mouse" because SteelSeries has kind of gone wild here. Instead of the usual gamer perks like weights and modularity, SteelSeries has added a vibration motor to the mouse, which you can customize to alert you to in-game events like when your cool-downs are up. SteelSeries swears the vibrations won't affect your aim.

Aim is important when you're playing Overwatch, unless you play, like, Reinhardt.

The mouse also has a completely superfluous OLED display, an optical sensor with sensitivity ranging from 100 to 16,000 CPI (counts per inch), and your choice of a braided and non-braided cables. It costs $99.99 to be this passionate about Overwatch.