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Eero's multi-unit router will be available from Best Buy next week

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Eero, the multi-unit router system that launched earlier this year, has announced that it will be available from Best Buy's online store starting next week. It will arrive in 500 Best Buy US retail stores this summer. This marks the first brick-and-mortar retail availability for the product, which has only been available from Amazon and Eero directly until now. Best Buy will sell both the single unit Eero and the three-pack for $199 and $499, respectively.

In addition to the Best Buy deal, Eero also announced a new round of funding from Menlo Ventures and Index Ventures. The $50 million raised will help the company expand its customer service operations and speed up software development for the Eero, according to CEO Nick Weaver. To date, the company has raised $90 million.