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Circuit Breaker

A record player with a built-in whiskey bar is all you really need in life

And AirPlay

The Luno EGB2 is a beautiful mid-century record player with AirPlay support. You can stream music from your favorite AirPlay-enabled app or throw on a record and enjoy the two-way speaker system with a built-in subwoofer.

This is the second mid-century sound system we've come across in as many weeks, but Luno has one big advantage over its competition: a whiskey bar. Yes, the EGB2 comes with four gold-rimmed whiskey glasses and a mini-bar, so you can drink Johnnie Walker while listening to Johnny Cash, just as God intended. If you want to order a EGB2 — and you probably do — you'll need to call or email Luno, as all of their products are built to order.