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Circuit Breaker

Do you love drones enough to watch a 72-minute unboxing of the Xiaomi Mi Drone?

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Hey there, looking for clicks!

To qualify you must:

  • Love drones.
  • Like, really love drones.
  • Have no serious ideological opposition to Facebook Live streams.
  • Maybe know who "Hugo Barra" is. (He used to work on Android, now he's Xiaomi's #1 English-speaking hype man.)
  • Drones? Love them.

Also, recommended, but not required, is a working mouse cursor to skip through the first 35 minutes of the stream — time Hugo uses to answer questions and run through a PowerPoint presentation, but sadly neglects the unboxing aspect of his duties.

Compensation includes:

  1. Detailed unboxing of a seriously well-priced, possibly desirable new drone by a passionate company executive.
  2. Something to do for 72 minutes.

Apply here: