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Corsair's Lapdog confirms lapboards are the hottest thing in PC gaming

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Hot trend alert: laps.

So, Razer just started shipping its Turret lapboard, which combines a wireless keyboard, mouse, and mousepad into one slick slab for gamers who like couches. Not to be outdone, Corsair has now released its own lapboard, and it's kind of crazy. Instead of having a built-in keyboard, the Lapdog just has a huge cavity for holding a Corsair mechanical keyboard, and it has a built-in USB 3.0 hub for plugging in your mouse, keyboard, and other accessories. Underneath the Lapdog is memory foam, to cushion and stabilize the weight of this monstrous contraption.

*Dog and impressed friend not included

Dog and impressed friend not included

The advantage of Corsair's approach over Razer's is obvious: you can use a real gaming keyboard, and your USB mouse of choice, on your lap while sitting on a couch. The downside is also obvious: your lap is going to get really warm, as AnandTech found out in its review. Also, the Lapdog costs $119.99 as an empty shell, without a keyboard and mouse. So that's crazy.

Oh well, the price of progress. Bring on the lapboards.