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Are these the Moto Z's 'MotoMod' backplates?

Are these the Moto Z's 'MotoMod' backplates?

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Lenovo is rumored to be following up the Moto X line with some new "Moto Z" phones, which are said to work with a range of snap-on accessory cases called MotoMods. Now, thanks to a picture from Evan "Evleaks" Blass, we may have our first look at three of these semi-modular-ish cases.

One of the MotoMods seems easy enough to work out: it's a camera grip that appears to have its own sensor, lens, and flash. The other two are a little less obvious in function, but VentureBeat has reported that the MotoMods line will include cases with better speakers and a pico projector, and another leaked list suggests names for the range including "adventure," "theater," "stereo," "power," "style," and "pro camera."

Lenovo is likely to reveal the Moto Z at its Tech World conference in San Francisco on June 9th.