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Dish's portable DVR is available today

Dish's portable DVR is available today


The HopperGo

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Dish has finally released its portable DVR, the HopperGo, after announcing it at CES back in January. The HopperGo allows Dish subscribers to transfer content from their set-top box — in this case from the Hopper with Sling, Hopper 2, or Hopper 3 — and watch it anywhere using a private Wi-Fi network created by the HopperGo and the Dish Anywhere app.

The HopperGo has 64GB of storage, which isn't a lot, and it only lasts four hours on a single charge, so don't expect to watch a full season of 30 Rock (I assume everyone still has 30 Rock on their DVRs). But at $99 with no monthly fees, it's cheap enough to pick up and maintain your binge-watching habits wherever you may be.