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FenSens makes it easy to add parking sensors to your car

FenSens makes it easy to add parking sensors to your car


No complicated installation process

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If you've ever tried to add parking sensors to your vehicle, you know it's not a particularly easy endeavor. Most of the cheaper systems don't work well and the good — and very expensive — setups can require advanced installations that the average person isn't capable of doing without assistance. Enter FenSens (short for fender sensor), a company that made a smart license plate holder and an app that can give your car all the parking sensors you need.


Installing FenSens is simple: install the license plate cover with a screwdriver, pair it with the companion app using Bluetooth, and you're no longer backing into trash cans. The license plate holder can detect objects within 10 feet and the app will beep and give you visual clues and vibration alerts the closer you get to an object.

FenSens says the sensor may not work with cars with over four feet of ground clearance (lifted trucks, for example) and commercial vehicles over 30 feet in length, but that shouldn't come into play for most people. And at $99 ($149 after the early-bird special ends), FenSens is the easiest way to get a parking sensor system installed on your vehicle.