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Is that colored E Ink?!

Is that colored E Ink?!


Are my backlight-burned eyes betraying me?

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E Ink

I was just getting used to a colorless E Ink world. My eyes accepted the tradeoff between seeing in color and being blinded, and seeing in black and white and feeling at ease while staring at a screen for hours. Now my days of darkness might soon be over. E Ink unveiled its new Advanced Color ePaper, or ACeP, which can display a "full color gamut," which E Ink says includes all eight primary colors. Colored. E. Ink! These colors will be primarily used on signage at first, E Ink says, but maybe someday we'll be living in a brightened E Ink world.

But while colored ink is a step up from the old black and white, The Digital Reader and Slashgear noted that these added pigments create a slower refresh rate. This makes signs blink while they attempt to add more color. E Ink already launched a slightly colored display called Triton. That ePaper has 16 levels of grayscale and can display 4,096 colors, but they came off pretty dull. The big advancement here is making vibrant ePaper that’s bright on each pixel.