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This might be Lenovo's new Droid

This might be Lenovo's new Droid


Check out those bronze accents

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Lenovo has a big event coming up on June 9th, and one of the things we might see then (or shortly thereafter) is a new lineup of Droids. VentureBeat reporter Evan Blass leaked an image showing what appears to be three color options for this next round of Droid phones — and they look pretty nice.

The design is almost identical to what we've seen from leaks of the Moto Z. In fact, I'm not sure that there's any difference aside from the "Moto" branding being replaced with "Droid" branding beneath the lens. That's probably good news. The Droid series is exclusive to Verizon, and Verizon has a bad habit of requesting that bad changes be made — as in, there's probably still going to be a giant Verizon logo on the front.

They appear to have MotoMod support, too

As far as these backs go, I'm pretty into the black design shown on the left. The bronze accents are really working for it.

Alongside leaking these Droids, Blass also posted a series of Moto Z accessories that it seems likely the Droid line will support, too (note the smart connector at the bottom of the back). The accessories, called MotoMods, snap onto the phone to add new functionality. Blass clarified what a few of them are: a projector, speakers from JBL, and an add-on camera by Hasselblad.