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HP's Pavilion x360 affordable convertible comes in 15-inch version now

HP's Pavilion x360 affordable convertible comes in 15-inch version now

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Everybody needs at least one convertible touchscreen laptop in their life, if only to tell their kids about how they owned a convertible touchscreen laptop "back in the day." And when their kids look at them funny they can mumble something like, "You know, back when Microsoft and Intel were struggling to keep PCs relevant and started pushing alternative form factors and every manufacturer just went along with it for a few years even as they considered just exiting the PC business altogether, especially since Microsoft started to ship tablets and laptops that were directly competitive with their offerings..." Man, that will turn into a real teaching moment, I can already tell.

HP is updating its Pavilion family of products today, which includes the ultra-affordable x360 line of convertible touchscreen laptops which flip and flex in all the ways. The 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models are getting a little thinner and lighter, and HP is also adding a 15.6-inch model. In case you were wondering, 15.6 inches is actually kind of big for a convertible. HP announced the higher-end Spectre x360 in a 15-inch version last month.

The price is kind of the whole point of Pavilion, so I won't keep you waiting: the 15-inch x360 starts at $579.99, and the 11-inch model is $379.99 in its base configuration. In other good news, the x360 line comes in your choice of Natural Silver, Modern Gold, Dragonfly Blue, Cardinal Red, and Sport Purple. The laptops ship direct from this month, but the 15.6-inch model won't be available in stores until July.