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Google wants to inject a computer into your eye

Google wants to inject a computer into your eye


This will end well

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Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Google, the company who wants you to live forever so it can continue to pull every bit of interesting information about you to sell to advertisers, has filed a patent to shove a computer into your eye. Forget smart contacts — Google wants to be inside your eye.

Google Eye

In the patent which was filed in 2014 but published last week, Google describes this gadget as "a[n] electronic lens that can be controlled to control the overall optical power of the device," which will be powered by an "energy harvesting antenna." This device would have to be injected into the lens capsule of your eye which does not sound fun in any capacity.

Google mentions a bunch of fun signals that could be sent from the device like GPS, LTE, and NFC which are probably totally fine to have inside a human body. I'm not sure how this will play into Google's never-ending quest to acquire all information, but I'd guess this could help people with vision problems. Or allow Google to retire those Street View minivans.

Who knew Google could come up with something that makes Google Glass seem like an unobtrusive alternative?