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Here's an Asus VR headset with fancy leather straps

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Asus didn't mention this during their laptop- and phone- and robot-packed Computex Taipei press conference, but in the demo area there's a virtual reality headset on display behind glass; other than the name "Asus VR" emblazoned above it, there's zero explanation of what it actually is. But! It does have stitched leather straps, which look a little too ZenWatch-like for my taste but are arguably more fashion-forward than the likes of the HTC Vive.

Chances are, this is little more than another example of what's increasingly starting to feel like an obligatory accessory for phone manufacturers. It's a particular curio in Asus' case, however, since the company has publicly stated that it finds augmented reality more interesting than VR and plans to release an AR headset in 2016. If that's still the plan, it sure isn't at Computex.

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