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Asus' crazy water-cooled laptop is getting an upgrade

Asus' crazy water-cooled laptop is getting an upgrade


The GX800 has a massive base, two power supplies, and a mechanical keyboard

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Asus' mammoth GX700 — a gaming laptop with a separate water-cooling station that allows for some ridiculous overclocking shenanigans — blew our minds when it was unveiled last fall, and now it's getting a younger sibling. The GX800 was unveiled alongside a handful of other products at Asus' Republic of Gamers (ROG) Computex press event today, and the company is calling it "the most powerful gaming laptop in the world."

Asus is keeping the GX800's specifics close to the vest for now, the same strategy it employed when the GX700 was unveiled. We know it's rocking "the latest NVIDIA SLI GPU and Intel K-series CPUs," and that's about it. The GX700 ended up containing the then-unannounced mobile GTX 980; cross your fingers the GX800 is playing host to something similarly exciting. It's also coming with two separate 330W power supplies, and a mechanical keyboard that's backlit with multi-color LEDs, because there's no point pushing your system to the limit without a little style. If you're not going to crank every part of the GX800 to the most powerful point possible, it's probably overkill, and that's just fine — the ZenBook 3 is looking mighty sleek for those of you feeling a little more sensible. This one's all about excess.