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Amazon's Alexa can now control Almond smart routers

Amazon's Alexa can now control Almond smart routers

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Securifi's Almond smart routers are getting a new feature today: the ability to be controlled by Amazon's Alexa. You might question why you'd want to control your router by voice — or really ever interact with a router at all — but the integration is useful here because several Almond routers are capable of controlling smart home products. Now that the routers are integrating with Alexa, that means homeowners will be able to control their products by voice.

Securifi's new router ships in June

Along with adding Alexa integration, Securifi is also announcing that its newest router, the Almond 3, will begin shipping in June. It's available to preorder now for $119.99 and will raise up to $149.99 once it starts shipping.

Amazon has been aggressive about adding more and more integrations to Alexa over the past several months. Hardly a week goes by that something new and interesting isn't added in. The result has been an Alexa that's far more capable than anyone imagined a year ago. It's starting to put Amazon in a central position in the smart home market, but that's still only true for owners of the few devices that support Alexa: the Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, and Fire TV.