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Mohu is stomping on the graves of set-top boxes with its new ReLeaf antenna

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Mohu is releasing a new antenna this month, the ReLeaf, that's made from recycled set-top boxes. Apparently a pound of plastic from the old boxes can make up to 40 shells for the ReLeaf, the company told Variety. Who knew something so ugly could make something so pleasing? Digital TV antennas let consumers pick up local over-the-air channels, like ABC, CBS, and NBC. ReLeaf is especially suited to the most vindictive of cord cutters.

I don't want to say Mohu is dancing on cable companies' graves, but yeah, it seems to be dancing on their graves. Though cable companies aren't anywhere near going out of business, the FCC dealt them a major blow with its decision earlier this year to open up the set-top box market. Consumers have always rented their cable box from their chosen cable provider, but the FCC's new rules will allow third parties to release their own boxes and possibly turn cable companies' old offerings into literal garbage.

The set-top box has truly lived, from its starring role in living rooms across the country, to garbage in a landfill, to being reborn as a $50 antenna.