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TRNTBL is the hyper-connected turntable we didn't know we needed

TRNTBL is the hyper-connected turntable we didn't know we needed

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Turntable life is all about retro affectations, right? The physicality of the vinyl, the record sleeves, the scratch of the needle, the imperfect, warm, unadulterated analog sound. TRNTBL has all that, but it also jacks that experience into the 21st century.

TRNTBL, a new $420 player from a company appropriately named VNYL, has two unique tricks: it can detect what songs you're playing (basically Shazam for records), and it can stream audio wirelessly to other connected audio devices (like Sonos, for instance).

Right now TRNTBL scrobbles songs exclusively to Spotify. Your friends can see what you've been listening to in analog land, and you can even have TRNTBL automatically build Spotify playlists.

Streaming-wise, turning your turntable into a Sonos Music Service is a pretty cool trick, but AirPlay and Bluetooth functionality is still forthcoming. VNYL says TRNTBL streams "uncompressed audio," which will certainly appeal to audiophiles, although many audiophiles might be suspect of a turntable at this price. Luckily, VNYL confirmed to us that they're building similar functionality in a standalone product, though there's no word on when that might be released.

TRNTBL will ship this summer, and if you preorder you can get it for the less high price of $351.