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HTC rebrands the One M9s as the One M9 Prime Edition for Europe

New brands, old brands

Last year, HTC launched the One M9s — a mid-range version of the 2015 flagship, One M9 — in Taiwan. Today it's launching the same exact smartphone again, under a different name, in Europe. Why even bother to change the name? In a world where a quick Google search can show you that the brand-new phone you just bought actually came out six months ago in Taiwan, a new name could help sell more devices.

HTC isn't alone in rebranding devices for specific markets, Motorola has different brands for its Droid devices in Europe, and Samsung took its name off the Galaxy S6 in Japan because they thought it would sell more devices. But why "Prime Edition?" Who really knows what made HTC's marketing department decide that "s" isn't appealing enough to Europeans, but "Prime Edition" evokes a carnal desire to own a mid-range HTC phone.

You can purchase the HTC One M9 Prime Edition in Poland today.