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The Polysher will shine your 3D-printed objects

The Polysher will shine your 3D-printed objects

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Polymaker wants to make 3D printing a tempting hobby for everyone with its new PolySmooth filament and Polysher machine, which polishes creations so they look shiny and cohesive. The company launched the items on Kickstarter this past week and has already surpassed its $100,000 goal. The filament can go in any extrusion-based 3D printer, but the Polysher will only work on items that have been made with PolySmooth. The polisher works by simply spraying the piece with an alcohol aerosol solution.

Polymaker hopes nicer looking 3D objects will bring 3D printing into mainstream culture. No one currently mixes up mass-produced plastic pieces with printed ones because of their feel and obvious filament layers. Solely going off Polymaker's Kickstarter images, the new filament and Polysher really does make 3D printer creations look more legit. There are no obvious layers, and they come off as fully finished products. I'm not sure if the Polysher will finally bring 3D printing into the mainstream, but in either case, I'm always pro-shiny things.