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The Eyse camera shows friends what you're doing in virtual reality

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The glory of virtual reality is to live in another person's shoes — to feel what they feel, experience what they experience, and see what they see. The Eyse camera, which launches on Kickstarter today, aims to make that a possibility for anyone with a smartphone. Eyse's promotional video shows a grandma attending her grandson's birthday party from afar and friends out hiking projecting the scenery to someone at home. It's a pleasant vision, and really, if this camera works, it'd be really cool. But still, it's pretty expensive for something being marketed as a toy, with it being sold at $299 for the early bird special. That will eventually rise to $399.


The stereoscopic camera relies on two HD cameras to create a full image. The Eyse itself is small, and the company suggests it can go most anywhere. Just look at those eyes! Very praying mantis chic. Eyse is expected to ship in October, at which point the world will be able to assess if it's worth the money. I'm thinking the video quality will be spotty, but I'll remain optimistic because I really hope this works!