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The Henlen smartwatch strap and casing are fully interchangeable

Options are always nice

Right now you can switch out straps and swap digital dials on Android Wear smartwatches, but what if you could change the entire look of your watch in seconds without having to buy another timepiece? Well you may have that option soon, thanks to an interchangeable smartwatch built by Henlen.

Running on an Android-based OS, Henlen has built a smartwatch with a fully interchangeable casing and strap. The watch face snaps out of its casing and can be placed into a different body, giving the user options for distinct designs. It's a novel idea — instead of sport and standard smartwatch versions, there could just be sport bodies at a much cheaper price. But as with most hardware startups, it won't be an easy undertaking. The Henlen smartwatch is now on Kickstarter. The company expects to start shipping the first devices in February 2017.

Update: May 9th, 12:15PM ET: Henlen's smartwatch will run on its own Android-based OS, not Android Wear, as Google doesn't allow manufacturers to skin its smartwatch OS.