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Circuit Breaker

This Nike-sponsored microclimate chair keeps muscles at an ideal temperature

Nike teamed up with architect Greg Lynn to create a stylish chair that keeps athletes warm or cool during games, even when they're on the bench. The microclimate chair relies on 70 embedded Peltier thermoelectric pads that either heat up or cool down depending on a desired temperature and electrical charge. It also adjusts temperatures based on muscle groups — users' legs can be kept warm while their core is kept cool. The chair also comes with a tube system that blows air around the person to cut back on humidity.

Lynn believes any team with this type of chair would gain a serious competitive advantage. But with that being said, Lynn clarifies that he made the prototype basically to prove it could be done and to prompt other designers to start thinking about how technology can be used to help with sports performance. Sorry, your private microclimate is still a ways off.