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The latest Remix Mini update removes Google’s essential apps

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The company says Google's Android verification is to blame

Remix OS

Jide's Remix Mini lets people use Android more like a desktop, and although the OS remains integral to the company's work, it's relationship with Google is changing. Jide released an optional update this past week that removes Google Mobile Services from future and current Remix Minis. If GMS is kept on the device, users won't be able to receive over-the-air updates. However, if they choose to update and remove it they can sideload GSM on their own. Other forms of Remix OS — on tablets, for instance — aren't losing GMS. The company said the removal allows for a "consistent experience across all Android devices for all apps."

Jide later followed up with a statement to Liliputing that puts the blame on Google. Its Android verification process is too arduous for Jide to keep up with all the different devices that rely on a Remix Mini.

"The reason this update has removed GMS is to ensure that Google can deliver a consistent experience across all Android devices for all apps. We are committed to bring users the ultimate Android experience, and will continue to dedicate our resources to do this. Remix Mini puts Android on varying screen sizes and usage situations and Google needs to verify each of them. We are working with Google to streamline the process."

Another company, Fairphone, made a similar decision on its new Fairphone OS, which runs on Android but doesn't include Google services. Users instead have to find their own apps for email, maps, and a browser.