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HP announces the 'world's smallest all-in-one printer,' but it already makes a smaller one

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I don't think I've met anyone with a fond view of printers, those unfortunate relics used to convert digital information into an analog format. Most homes still need one for printing a document every now and then, but they're at least getting a bit easier to ignore.

Here's how HP is helping: it's today announcing what it claims is the "world's smallest all-in-one printer," meaning it can function as both a printer and a scanner. It's pretty cute-looking as far as printers go — in some horrifyingly corporate alternate universe, this printer is totally a starter Pokemon that'll eventually evolve into some faxing monstrosity.

Just check out these dimensions: 15.86 inches wide by 17.75 inches deep by 10.39 inches tall. Wow.

hp deskjet printer-cb-HP HP

Okay, actually, here's the thing: a printer that's over a foot in two dimensions still looks pretty big, at least in comparison to most other modern gadgets. HP is doing some neat things to get its size down, like having the machine spool in sheets to copy, rather than requiring them to be laid out flat. It's also wireless. But that still only gets you so far.

More importantly, HP's not even right about this being the "world's smallest" all-in-one printer. There's this weird portable printer that definitely looks smaller, and, um, also this other printer by HP that's definitely smaller, too. It turns out HP's definition of "world's smallest" comes with a major asterisk. It's ignoring any printer that sells for over $250, and both of those sell for much more.

HP's new printer, which is called the DeskJet 3755 All-in-One, by the way, will sell for $69.99, which is a far more reasonable price for a printer you're buying just in case you need one (although you can find bigger HP printers for less). This one may not actually be the smallest, but it'll at least look great around you home if you're into gentle blues or have a window overlooking the Mediterranean.

hp deskjet printer-cb-HP HP