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Microsoft teases Porsche Design 2-in-1 with Windows 10

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Microsoft's Computex Taipei keynote is going on right now, and VP of the OEM division, Nick Parker, has a surprise on stage: a new Windows 10 convertible created in collaboration with Porsche Design. It's a 13.3-inch 2-in-1 with support for Windows Hello 2.0, Cortana, and new Inking features that'll arrive with the Windows Anniversary Update this summer. We don't know which OEM is making it, detailed specs, or whether it'll be less disastrous than the Porsche Design BlackBerrys. We do, however, know that it'll be available this winter for an undisclosed price.

Porsche Design 2-in-1 microsoft

Update June 1st, 3:10AM ET: Post updated with new specs and release date.