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HTC Vive on a rowing machine makes cardio way more fun

HTC Vive on a rowing machine makes cardio way more fun

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I don't know about you, but I find cardio workouts pretty boring. But! What if you could do them in SPACE?!?!?! Thanks to the HTC Vive, that dream is now a virtual reality. HTC doesn't usually attend Computex Taipei, but now that it has a hand in the high-end PC game, it's making the most of its rare appearance by conducting several demos at its booth. One of which is a rowing machine in which you row through space.

That's about all there is to say, really. You propel yourself through asteroid fields by rowing, and feel slightly better about yourself for not going to the gym all week because you're at a trade show in Taiwan. There are other settings, too, like a tropical river, but really space is the one you want.

Let's put aside the minor niggle that it's hard enough for most people to find actual space for the Vive in their apartments without throwing a rowing machine into the mix. Let's also ignore that the Vive is already kind of uncomfortable and sweaty when used for extended periods of time. Zoning out and working out are theoretically a great combination, and I am all for HTC continuing this path of research.