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This sticker charging system wirelessly powers multiple phones at the same time

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Most "wireless" chargers handle one device at a time and take a while to fill a battery to its full capacity. Energysquare, a French company, thinks people want to charge multiple devices at once and that they'll be willing to slap a sticker on their device to do so. The company's sticker plugs into a phones' charging port, which allows it be placed on Energysquare's charging pad for wireless charging — that's wireless as in no wires, not wireless as in charging at a distance.

This technique doesn't rely on induction, Energysquare says, but instead uses conductive squares in its pad that respond to the sticker's two conductive points. Users can also unplug the sticker from their charging port if they want to switch to a cord. Energysquare is on Kickstarter now and starts at $77 for a charging pad and five stickers. They're expected to ship in November 2016.