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Circuit Breaker

The Wooting One is a mechanical keyboard that works like an analog game controller

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Mechanical keyboards are cool and all, but how about a mechanical keyboard that's also analog? The Wooting One not only has mechanical keys but also registers how far down a key is being pushed so that it can be used more like a gaming controller. The mechanical keys are the Flaretech optical switch in either red or blue. Flaretech relies on an infrared emitter and light sensor on its circuit board to detect when a key is being pressed. Other mechanical switches are activated by pressure.

Unfortunately, you can't use the mechanical and analog functions at the same time; the keyboard has to be in either one mode or the other. The keyboard also doesn't work with all games. It's only supported in games that support either a gamepad or Xinput, and some Xinput games disable the keyboard and mouse when Xinput is detected. But it does have pretty LEDs? The Wooting is on Kickstarter now and starts at $155.