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InFocus announced hella projectors this week

InFocus announced hella projectors this week

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InFocus launched four new projector lines this week, and they’re about as exciting as projectors get. The new lines come equipped with LightCast, which allows for casting from AirPlay, Miracast, or Google Cast. They also have whiteboard tools and a built-in web browser. Try to stay with me for the new projector names: the IN2120x, the IN5148HD, the IN120x series, and the IN1110 series.

To break it down, the IN5148HD is designed for large venues; the IN120x series is the cheaper option for classrooms; the IN2120x is for "mid-sized conference rooms and classrooms" with a lot of ambient light; and the IN1110 series is designed to be mobile with built in memory and a USB port. Projectors: why do we need so many?