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Iconfactory’s BitCam is an ode to Mac OS of ages past

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If it’s possible to have a big crush on a company that’s been mostly making icons since 1996, that’s me. Iconfactory designs icons and apps for clients, and even has some in-house apps you might’ve heard of, like Twitterrific, but I’ll always think of the studio as the creator of all the best icons of the OS 7 / 8 / 9 era.

Like, look at these:


And the original "Copeland" set:


And these sick file folders!


Sorry, I just wanted everyone to know that there was basically a Pixar of pixel-perfect icons back in '90s and they were slaying.

Fast forward to today, and Iconfactory has released a new camera app. It makes lo-fi pictures kind of like a Game Boy Camera, and there’s a $1.99 in-app purchase to unlock a color mode.

I paid $1.99, and I don’t even like taking photos. The whole app has a delicious Mac OS 6 feel — even the shutter sound is retro. Can I please get all my apps redesigned to reawaken childhood memories of being an Apple fanboy in the pre-iPod dark ages?