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The original Moto 360 and LG G Watch won't be upgraded to Android Wear 2.0

And they likely won't be alone

At least two smartwatches — the LG G Watch and the original Moto 360 — won't support Android Wear 2.0 when it's released this fall, according to tweets from the respective companies' support accounts.

That's a bummer, because Android Wear 2.0 looked pretty good when we got our wrists on it at Google I/O last month. It looked faster and smoother, and will come with Apple Watch-esque "complications," or watchface widgets. Of course, a lot of that extra performance likely relies on the slightly more advanced hardware that companies have been building into their second- and third-generation smartwatches, so it's not terribly surprising if older watches like the Moto 360 won't support the new operating system. (The G Watch is certainly faster than the original Moto 360, so that one's a bit more of a head-scratcher.) They might not be alone, though — 9to5Google has been tracking Android Wear 2.0 adoption for a few weeks and the list is still pretty incomplete.