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Circuit Breaker

Microsoft's new Xbox finally ditches the annoying power brick

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It uses a plain old power cord, just like the PS4

When you unpack Microsoft's new Xbox One S console, one big, bulky thing will be absent from the box: a power brick. It's true! Despite getting smaller in size, this latest Xbox console revision is shipping without the hulking rectangle that has gone between gaming machine and power outlet ever since the debut of Xbox 360.

This time, it's just a plain old power cord that plugs into the Xbox One S — just like the PlayStation 4, your cable box, and most set-top streaming devices. Combined with its slimmed down footprint, this should make the new Xbox way easier to fit into your entertainment setup. Like this:

Xbox One S

No unsightly power thingy to hide away behind your TV stand. Thank you, Microsoft.

Say goodbye to this monstrosity:

This is not how you'll plug in an Xbox One S:

The dark days are over.

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