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Man swallowed a microSD card and you won't believe what happened next!

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(He pooped it)

PetaPixel is one of my favorite blogs. The writers there are passionate and knowledgable about their subject, and love diving into both the art of photography, and the technical gear available for photography.

Also, they just ran a story about a man who swallowed a 64GB microSD card and then pooped it into a strainer so he could maybe recover the drone footage he shot on it.

The story is written in the first person by "John Doe," who is apparently embarrassed by the incident and chose to remain anonymous. And it’s not really important why or how he swallowed the card, containing the whole day’s worth of drone footage he’d just captured. What’s important is that he couldn't puke it back up, and therefore had to poop it into a pasta strainer and then plug it in to a computer to see if the client’s footage was intact.

Look, I don’t want to ruin this whole story for you. Does John Doe get fired? Do his colleagues make fun of him forever? Do some data recovery experts eventually discover that while the microSD’s controller was broken, the memory was still intact, and everything’s going to be okay John, don’t cry, please don’t cry?

Yeah. But man. He pooped a microSD card! I can’t believe it!