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Circuit Breaker

The WellBe bracelet claims it can pinpoint the people that stress you out the most

We’ve got fitness wearables to track all kinds of bodily functions, but what about tracking when you're hanging out with someone stressful? The WellBe claims to be the world’s first "anti-stress biofeedback bracelet and app." It monitors wearers’ heart rate and employs a "patent-pending algorithm" to determine stress levels. What exactly this algorithm does is unclear; WellBe could just be a heart rate monitor with bigger promises. The company claims that it can tie stress levels to specific times, locations, and people, and it syncs with a user’s calendar and location to do so. I can’t wait to find out which stressful friends I should cut out of my life. The friend breakup will probably be way easier to handle when I'm armed with wearable data.

The WellBe pairs with an app to give users meditation exercises and programs that last up to 21 days. It’ll also send a notification when stress levels get too high and remind wearers to take a minute to breathe and drink water. WellBe is on Kickstarter now and starts at $109. I'm wondering, though, whether WellBe accounts for the stress of wearing a device that's constantly monitoring stress. Probably not.