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Marty the robot has one adorably surprised face

Marty the robot has one adorably surprised face

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Marty the robot is programmable and helps teach kids to code, and while there are lots of robots kids can control, Marty’s got a unique leg. That’s his defining feature! Each leg has three motors: one for moving forwards and backwards, one for side-to-side movement, and one for turning. This allows Marty to dance, walk, and turn. This is fewer motors than most other two-legged robots, Marty’s creators say, which allows them to keep his cost low. That’s cool, but I’m probably most hyped about Marty’s eyebrows.

Hehe. Marty can be programmed through Scratch, Python, C++, and Java, among other languages. Indiegogo backers can purchase Marty in various forms, like just as a circuit board that can be fitted into 3D-printed parts, or as a Marty with legs and a head but without arms. The circuit board starts at $42. He’s also compatible with a full-size Raspberry Pi, can be decked out with lots of sensors, and connects to Wi-Fi. Marty!