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Pebble is releasing limited edition Time Rounds with polished finishes

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Pebble’s Kickstarter for its new Pebble 2, Time 2, and Pebble Core already has $11 million in funding with 15 days to go in its campaign. Now, the company's offering backers the chance to choose limited edition Pebble Time Rounds as part of their reward. The watches come in two new colors: polished silver and polished gold. One new Time Round will cost $199, and a combo pack of a Time Round and Pebble 2 goes for $298. They come with a black leather band and black bezel.

Current backers can reconsider their pledges to buy a new Time Round. Pebble will send out a reward survey in July where backers can clarify their color choice. The polished watches will continue to retail for $199 when they’re released after the Kickstarter rewards ship, although Pebble says they'll be in "limited supply."