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Luma's router can remember every site everyone visits and is now available to purchase

Luma's router can remember every site everyone visits and is now available to purchase

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Luma is one of the new companies trying to change how home Wi-Fi works with cool apps and multi-unit routers. Its debut product was unveiled to the world late last year, and now it's finally ready to go on sale.

Units of the Luma router begin shipping today and will appear in Best Buy stores this summer. A single Luma router will cost $149, but Luma wants you to buy multiple units to improve connection strength throughout your home, so it's also selling a three pack for $399.

Luma offers robust (and very creepy) parental controls

On top of a better Wi-Fi connection, Luma also offers pretty robust parental controls. Whoever manages the Luma will be able to block websites and see the browsing history of everyone in their home. On one hand, those are powerful features (if someone requests access to a blocked site, the Luma app will even let you chat with them to ask why), but on the other hand, recording website history is pretty creepy and possibly a real problem.

Luma says that it plans to address this. It's delaying this feature's rollout for a few weeks, while it works on a way to "provide this feature to help with child safety while maintaining privacy of individual users." So theoretically, when the feature does launch, owners will be able to turn it off permanently for adults. This was not the case when Luma announced the product last year, but the company seems to be suggesting that's the direction this feature is headed after hearing feedback.

Luma announced today that it's also working on skills for Alexa, so that people who also own an Amazon Echo will be able to control their router by voice. The first command, "Alexa, pause the internet," will be available "in the coming weeks."

Update June 16th, 4:10PM ET: This article has been updated to note that Luma plans to tweak its history feature to allow it to be turned off. This story was also updated to note that Luma has lowered the price of a single router to $149, down from $199.