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Garmin's next GPS dog tracker monitors up to 20 dogs

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I’ve never walked 20 dogs at once, or even been surrounded by 20 dogs at one time. Twenty is a lot. But if you’re of the type to be encompassed by dogs, particularly 20 dogs, then Garmin is working on a product for you.

Its new Astro 430 can track all 20 of those pups. The company already has GPS trackers for up to nine dogs, but its Astro 430 will track 20 dogs at a range of up to nine miles. It updates their location every 2.5 seconds. Naturally, the tracker is compatible with other Garmin products, including its fēnix 3 GPS watch. The Astor 430 will be available in July. The handheld device starts at $449, with an additional cost for each dog’s tracker.