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LG gets specific with four new X series smartphones

LG gets specific with four new X series smartphones

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Rather than trying to sell everyone a smartphone that's good at everything, LG has launched a new series of phones that each excel in only one particular area — that way, you can get the feature you want the most, without spending too much. The LG X line of phones launched earlier this year with two options, the X Cam and X Screen, and now LG is announcing another four options: the X Power, X Mach, X Style, and X Max.

LG's first two X phones were mid-range Android devices with generally unimpressive specs that promised to make up for their shortcomings by bringing one premium feature each down to a much less expensive market. LG hasn't announced the specs or pricing for these four new phones, but it sounds like they're part of that very same mission. Point being, don't expect the specs to blow you away — they're really just meant to be good enough to get by in a crowded market.

Where the four new X phones stand out is their individual higher-end attributes:

The X Power puts a 4,100mAh battery into a 7.9mm-thick phone with fast charging capabilities, which together is meant to keep the phone running for longer than your average smartphone. (For comparison, the LG G5 has a 2800mAh battery.)

The X Mach is all about faster speeds, both for processing and wireless data. LG might be stretching things a bit here — it only claims to offer a "speedy 1.8GHz processor," which doesn't get us too excited — but the networking side is a bit more serious. It includes Category 9 LTE, which can attain faster download speeds by working across different stretches of airwaves.

The X Style has an "extra-slim body" and "gracefully curving lines," although LG doesn't state exactly how thin the phone's body is or exactly how graceful the phone's lines are.

The X Max has a "large display." That's it. That's all LG has to say for now. Apparently it doesn't even want to share how big the screen is yet.

LG hasn't released photos of all four phones, either. The four above appear to all be color variants of the X Power. The two below are the X Power, again, in blue, and the X Mach in white.

LG x power x mach-news-LG

No pricing or release dates have been announced.