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The GoHawk lets you record GoPro footage by biting down

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Or using your tongue

Extreme sports are often far too intense to give you the free hand you’d need to activate something like a GoPro and start recording footage. That’s why a company called GoHawk is launching a new camera expansion pack that lets users switch the GoPro on with a remote shutter input, which is triggered through either a handlebar switch, a tongue switch, or a bite switch. Yes, you can bite on the switch to get it going or press it with your tongue. It also comes with an LED light that indicates whether it’s recording or not.


Users do have to install the trigger into a helmet with a separate battery pack, although GoHawk makes it look easy. This technology isn't especially new — skydivers have used bite and tongue switches for years, but the idea of co-opting it for GoPro is new. GoHawk’s early-bird package starts at $99 on Kickstarter. Wear a helmet!