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Linksys wants to save you from cable modem rentals

Linksys wants to save you from cable modem rentals

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Linksys wants to get into the cable modem business in a serious way, and it's kicking that off with the launch of three new units. Its hope is that now, in 2016, people will be fed up enough with modem rental fees to go out and buy their own.

These initial three models are sort of meant to offer a Goldilocks-style selection to fit different speed requirements.

  • The first: supports download speeds up to 343 Mbps.
  • The second: supports download speeds up to 686 Mbps.
  • The third: supports download speeds up to 960 Mbps.

Linksys recommends getting support for speeds higher than what your internet plan offers, however. The first is suggested for plans maxing out at 100 Mbps, the second maxing out at 250 Mbps, and the third for anything over that.

Two of the three modems are available starting today: the slowest and the fastest. They're available for $59.99 and $129.99, respectively. The mid-tier unit will be available "soon." Presumably, pricing will fall somewhere in between.

Everyone subscribing to cable internet needs a cable modem. What a lot of people don't realize — or don't realize there's a way around — is that some cable companies charge a monthly rental fee for these modems. Buying a unit outright can seem expensive, but it's something that should be quickly paid off after that monthly rental fee disappears. Linksys certainly isn't the only company you can buy a cable modem from, but given its name recognition in the router market, there's a good chance people will consider these when they start shopping.