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Circuit Breaker

Why buy a boombox when you can own a painting of a boombox that's actually a boombox?

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Art, man. Sometimes it’s hard to understand because of buried imagery and misunderstood metaphors. Other times, the meaning of a piece is so obvious that the art isn’t even fun to look at anymore. Art, man. A company called Case of Bass wants its art to be pretty and functional. It just launched a Kickstarter for its Touch of Bass, which is a print of a classic boombox that's also a boombox. It’s "meta," according to creator Ezra Cimino-Hurt. See here:

There are nine designs to pick from. Case of Bass says those options allow people to customize their style while preserving the quality of sound Touch of Bass offers. The company really wants you to know its Touch of Bass has both style and quality! I’m unsure about this claim.

The speaker pairs over Bluetooth and is contained in a shadow box behind the print, so it’ll protrude slightly from a wall. It’ll also require a power cord that hangs down, so that might throw off your aesthetic a bit. But if speaker art is something you’re intrigued by, the boombox print that's actually a boombox starts at $149 on Kickstarter.